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Smartsite™, our Web2Print solution, gives you quick and easy online access to your organization's customized catalogue of printed materials. It allows one to efficiently manage and leverage your digital assets. Smart.

Vision, Integrity, Excellence

Companies and brands today are challenged to effectively communicate their messages quickly and succinctly. Consumers and customers will either notice and become your most trusted advocate or be influenced by your competitor.

The difference between a leader or follower is often made by how your company distinguishes itself both visually and strategically in the communications environment. As an industry leader, Berland Communications is committed to the execution of those communications through traditional and online marketing mediums. Our goal is to be a true collaborator and help bring our client's strategies to life.

Demo Smartsite™

Smartsite Ordering

Smartsite™ allows a client's marketing and collateral base to order and ship anytime and anywhere on a nationwide basis. Demo SmartSite Here.

Direct Marketing

Integrated direct marketing creates strategies that utlize a wide mix of marketing vehicles.

CaseStudy - Integrated Campaigns

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The Chicagoland Chamber of Commmerce (CCOC) needed to increase attendence at its annual meeting. With the mission of increasing revenues plus using a cost effective promotional method, the CCOC turned to Berland Communications for the solution. The result was an integrated campaign targeting their members and maintaining effective communication and registration just prior to the event date.

Watch the event below.

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