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Direct Mail
We make 1 to 1 personalized marketing easy. Berland Communication's Variable Data Printing (VDP) is also known as One-to-One Marketing or Personalized Printing. This direct mail advertising, using personalized printing, takes your direct mail to a one-to-one approach and individualizes each VDP marketing piece such as direct mail postcards, newsletters flyers, etc.

Personalize your direct mail campaigns with variable data images and text tailored to your customer’s needs, preferences or lifestyle. If desired, you may utilize our well-researched, up-to-date target lists for your next direct mail marketing campaign.

Benefits include:
• Increase direct mail response rates
• Increase response time to your direct mail
• Increase revenue
• Increase ROI

Mail Drop & Fulfillment
We offer a wide variety of mail and fulfillment options from simple mailings to multiple piece assemblages and shipping. The Postal Service estimates that up to 18% of standard mail is undeliverable due to incorrect or insufficient addresses. We utilize services created by the U.S.P.S to maximize the accuracy and deliverability of your mail files, ensuring you receive the maximum postal savings.

Cost efficiencies are in constant search by clients. One area that is effective for product based businesses is warehousing with strategic vendor partnerships. Berland Communications economies of scale and specialized services allow clients to save on inventory storage costs and distribution.

We offer distribution services nationally or globally.  Our distribution centers keep your inventory items secure and safe. For critical security, "limited access" warehousing is available.