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Direct Marketing Campaigns

Integrated direct marketing places importance on the customer as the centerpoint, benefiting from a strategy that uses different modes of communication and can be positioned across varying channels and lines of business. The diagram below illustrates this concept.

Campaign Tree

The first step in determinig a sound direct marketing campaign (DM) is to understand your business goals and marketing objectives. After an initial client discovery, campaign recommendations will be presented.

Direct Marketing Campaigns May Include:
• Integrated use of Direct Mail, E-mail, Web/PURLS and Mobile
• Personalization regarding messaging and delivery
• Analytics & ROI reporting to show effectiveness

The CCOC Case Study

Case Study Logo

The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce (CCOC) needed to increase attendance at its annual meeting. The following case study shows the campaign challenge, solution and most important, the analytics that proved campaign success.

Case Study Icon

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