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Sam Berland Magician
Sam Berland was a
professional magician.


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Lawrence Berland - CEO

Larry is a true businessman whose vision has made Berland Communications an entrepreneurial success story. His father, Sam, started the company in 1928, whose original passion was his magic shop. When Sam inherited a one color printing press, it was the dawn of a new company - Berland Printing. Larry and his father worked together for 40 years until Sam's passing at the age of 83. He took that legacy and evolved it to what Berland Communications is today. By first investing in the right equipment and people, the family business soon flourished.

Chicago is a vibrant and highly competitive print market. Through acquisitions and organic growth, this visionary leader expanded operations, adding multiple locations and identified new core competencies such as the facility management arena. From this model, Berland Communications quickly expanded from a Chicagoland regional player to a national presence serving various markets.

What started as a one press, one man shop, expanded over time to include multiple services, locations and capabilities. Larry has positioned Berland Communications as a company who not only quickly identifies change within the communication's industry, but addresses those changes through new capabilities and offerings that consistently add value to clients serving multiple industries.