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Bob Berland - President

Prior to working in the family business, Bob graduated from San Jose State University with a B.S. in Marketing. Initially, he launched a 13 year career as a commodity trader and traded foreign currencies on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. While trading, he founded “Olympic Futures”, a clearing house for independent traders. Eventually, he migrated back to his roots and entered the family business bringing with him business experience and a vision that would forge the path of innovation for Berland Communications.

When Bob entered the family business in the late 90’s, his first step was to establish Berland’s presence on the web. Next, he began to develop the company’s first Web2Print portal “Smartsite™”. This improved the customer experience and enabled clients to place their orders online through a secured portal. This application was considered to be very progressive at the time and was well received by its many users.

Bob's ability to identify new technologies and leverage them to improve the customer experience, while creating efficiencies in the workflow, has consistently yielded win-win scenarios. Embracing new opportunities while industry contemporaries have been resistant to change has been critical. This mentality has been the cornerstone of thought which has enabled Berland Communications to continuously advance for 3 generations.

Olympic Accomplishments
Bob holds the distinguished honor of being the first American athlete to compete for a Gold medal in US Olympic history. A 2 time Olympian, his “Silver” Medal won at the 1984 Olympic Games was the best result by an American athlete and is still the highest finish in US Olympic Judo history today.

Bob Accepting the Silver

Named the 2004 Olympic Judo team coach in Athens Greece, Bob coached one of his athletes Jimmy Pedro to a Bronze medal, America's only Judo medallist of those games.

Civic Involvement
Bob was instrumental in the City of Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid effort. He was elected to the Chicago 2016 Board of Directors by bid Chairman and CEO, Patrick G. Ryan (Founder of AON Corporation). He co-chaired the Athlete's Committee and was a member of the International Relations Team whose mission was to educate the International Olympic Committee members (IOC) about the Chicago bid. Bob was also a member of the final "Pitch Team" with Barack Obama that made final presentations to the IOC in Copenhagen on Oct. 2nd, 2009.

  Olympic Logo

Photo with President Barack Obama

Professional Speaker
As CEO of Be World Class, Bob delivers keynote addresses, combining lessons from his remarkable Olympic experiences with leadership insights from his highly successful business career as well as his Olympic coaching career. Bob has helped companies & individuals optimize all things that are important to their businesses and their personal lives.

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