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Sam Berland Magician
Sam Berland was a
professional magician.


chandler and Price Printing Press

Sam Berland - Professional Magician and Berland Printing Founder

Sam was a professional Magician and inventor of magic tricks. He co-owned the Princess Magic Shop at 321 South Clark St. Chicago, IL.

He shared the space with a printer who produced all his printing needs and in the late 1920’s was going out of business. The printer asked Sam if he wanted to buy his press. Sam couldn’t afford it. The printer did not know what to do and asked if he could leave it on site since he couldn’t afford to have it moved. This was to become the first home to Berland printing.

Sam agreed and thus born was Berland Printing. Berland Printing started in 1928 and around 1950, Sam’s son, Larry Berland entered his father's business.


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